Aristi - No added sugar Fruit Spread
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Λαχανικά κήπου
Jam extra - 30gr
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Αγρόκηπος Χαλβατζή
Steamed vegetables in vacuum pack

RETAIL products  "Steamed vegetables in vacuum pack"

.... A few words for our new effort

As a result of our continuous effort to provide innovative and
high quality products for the everyday nutrition, we present
our new line of steamed vegetables ''Aristis''
All our vegetables have been especially cared for, as we
follow a vertical production line and we can guarantee the
quality from the field and the seed to the final product on the
 super market shelf.
The combination of our experienced farmers, working under
our strict instructions,and of our highly specialized personnel,
ensures that the growing,harvest and production of our vegetables
are carried out under the strictest supervision.
Our cultures are certified for ''Good Agricultural Practice"
 according to the GLOBAL GAP standards which guarantee that our
 vegetables are free of pesticide residues and other harmful
substances. Also our company complies with the BS EN ISO
standards for total quality assurance.
With respect to nature and having our products top quality as a
priority, our harvest
s are seasonal. That is the only time of the year
 when our vegetables
carry all the flavor and nutritional value that
makes them unique and worthy of the name ''Aristis"
Price: €1,55
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