Quality and food safety


Know How

Most of all, the long experience & deep knowledge of our highly skilled team are the cornerstone of our success

We give particular emphasis so that all our end products are made in such a way that they keep all their nutritional attributes. For that reason the process of the fruits & vegetables is based upon 3 conditions:

• Measurement of the special attributes of every fruit and vegetable

• Thermal processing under vacuum

• Pasteurization in such a way that no microbiological danger will exist

All the above procedures are online monitored and the respective quality control reports are produced for each production lot

Quality Policy

Safety & quality standards:

The quality of our products is the cornerstone of our strategy for continuous improvement and expansion. Each day we are striving to offer products of stable excellent quality and safety. At the same time we care to offer hygiene and safe conditions to our employees. Last but not least we respect and care for the environment that we operate

With constant controls in all the phases of our production processes, we satisfy the most demanding and complex needs of our customers. In that way we manage to build long term relationships of trust.

Under the supervision of Lloyd’s register MAKEDONIKI was among the first companies that was certified according to ISO 22000:2005 standards in April 2006

Today our company is certified with the most modern quality certificates ISO 22000, BRC. This fact is the passport or our products for the demanding markets of EU and USA

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