We take care of our world

Good Agricultural Practice (G.A.P) is the modern process of producing agricultural products with mild effects on the natural environment. The products of OGP have no pesticide residues. Good Agricultural Practice has the effect of making agricultural products available for consumption with absolute control and security.

Continuous selection from seed to fruit

The process starts with the selection of seeds and in cooperation with the approved farmers with whom the company cooperates, using the method of Contract Cultivation. The requirements of land, microclimate, the use of mild cultivation enhancers without pesticide residues and the monitoring of the crop to the final harvest are done with our scientifically trained staff, always in collaboration with the selected peasant-partners.

Sustainable development

The mild intervention in the environment, the careful use of natural resources and the cultivation with produced products without pesticide residues, are the axes that our company has adopted for the production and distribution of new generation agricultural products. These, with the simultaneous stimulation of typical social means of Contract Cultivation, define the basic principles of Sustainable Development. For a business that is sensitized and open to new developments.

Added Nutritional Value

As a result, we produce and distribute to the consumer through the network of grocery stores, grocery stores and small points of sale of consumer-friendly agricultural products and identified in the modern way of eating. Always in terms of Safety, Hellenism and rich in nutritional elements and delicacies. The company never stops exploring and testing new agricultural products that serve the modern consumer and his new eating habits.


“We emphasize on the protection of the environment and we prove it daily by our practices. Our great investment in the latest technology (nanotechnology) of advanced wastewater treatment plant is made to ensure the protection of the environment.
This is our commitment to the future. “

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